Introduction: Immortal Brick Wreath

Do you or someone else who is awesome need a holiday wreath?

How about an immortal brick wreath? WHY YES THANK YOU.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

4 x LEGO (or comparable) green base plates, 10"x10" - I purchased for $30

fine permanent marker




eye protection


a bunch of assorted LEGO (or comparable interlocking brick toys)

Step 2: Outline Wreath

Arrange the four plates in a large square.

Draw a large circle. We tied a string to a pen and a permanent market and held it so the circle would lie just inside the frame of the plates.

Draw a small circle. You can use the string again, or a cup/something else if you want.

Step 3: Cut Wreath

We found that a jigsaw worked best for us (handsaw was not enough and table saw was too much).

Clamp/secure the plates together so you only have to cut twice (exterior and interior circle), and they will match. The boards will vibrate A LOT. Be careful and pause every now and again to ensure the circle matches up (e.g., take clamps off, separate boards and place back in a grid to see how they fit together, then reclamp and keep cutting).

Once you are done cutting, sand the jagged edges a little with some sandpaper.

Step 4:

Now for the fun! Break out the large bin of LEGO that I am sure you have laying around (if you don't happen to have toys you may need to visit a store and do a bit more planning). I just took what we had and messed around a bit until I made decorations that I liked.

Initially, I created a bow but didn't put a 'ribbon' on the seams of the plates. Instead, I attempted to connect the plates by placing 'ornaments' on the seams. Well, that didn't work because the wreath was very heavy. I could have tried to permanently fuse the wreath but I like the idea of breaking it up whenever I like and redoing it in new and different storage would be more difficult later. My solution was to line the seams with red 2x4 bricks and I think it ended up really adding something to the whole wreath look.

You could glue down each decoration and make a wreath that won't break apart if you like. It wasn't the way I went but I did consider it.


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