Introduction: Immunizing Ginger Shot Gummy Candy

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Candies... are there anything more desirable than these delicious, sugary sweets? I would eat candy every day if only they would be a tiny bit more healthy and that made me thinking about turning other foods I usually use every day into something more fun and delicious!

Ginger shots are really great way to pump up vitamins and shake you up every morning, especially in late autumn and winter. These shots are very tasty just like they are, but turning them into jelly candy are a great way to brighten up your morning! Lets get started!

For this you will need:

  • citrus fruits (lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, yuzu, lime or whatever you got) (juice field - about 500 ml or 2 cups);
  • 1 medium sized ginger root;
  • 50 ml agave syrup or honey;
  • 20 g gelatine (60 g agar-agar for vegan option);
  • 50 ml water;
  • silicone molds;
  • nut milking bag or thin sieve;
  • juicer is optional.

Step 1: Prepare the Gelatine!

Pour gelatine powder into the water and stir it up. Leave for at least 10 minutes to boom up. If you want vegan option - use agar - agar instead of gelatine. Keep in mind, that gelatine is way stronger than agar powder, so it's important to replace it 1:3 ratio (so it would be 60 grams of agar-agar powder).

Many of you will be surprised how much gelatine needs to be used for such a little amount of liquid, but it sure has a reason. This recipe contains a lot of acidity that sets back solidifying processes!

Step 2: Juice, Juice, Juice!

Juice all your fruits! I used 3 lemons, 2 oranges and one grapefruit for my recipe, but feel free to experiment with yours! Choose different fruits, vegetables and even spices and even spices to boost your body and mood every morning!The juice amount we are looking for is about 500 ml or 2 cups.

As you can see in pictures, I had quite a lot of citrus peel leftovers. These are great to make your own homemade multi-purpose cleaning products that totally blow your mind! Just cut the peels in smaller pieces, add them to the empty spraying bottle and add 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water. You can add different scents by adding rosemary sticks, Christmas tree branches or cinnamon!

I will add an instructable devoted just for these cleaning products, so make sure to subscribe me if you're interested!

Step 3: Make a Base!

Chop up ginger root in pieces and add to a food processor. Add agave syrup or honey and a tiny bit of fresh juice we just made to make sure blending process is easy. Blend it up until no large lumps are left.

Step 4: Make the Ginger Shots!

Place nut milking bag or sieve into a bowl and place there ginger mass and all the juice. Gently squeeze and massage it to get as much liquid as possible.

Step 5: Add the Gelatine!

Melt bloomed ginger in a pot and pour it into the liquid. Mix it well and pour into a measuring cup or any other tray so it's easy to pour it into the molds.

Step 6: Make the Candy!

Pour the liquid into little silicone molds and set them in fridge for at least 2 hours or until all of them are set.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Take them out of molds and they are ready to enjoy! Place them into a sealed glass and store them up to one week in the fridge, but I can guarantee you, that they won't last more than few days!

Keep safe and healthy!

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