Introduction: Impossible Bracelet

Well, big spoilers, this impossible bracelet is not really impossible.
I have seen so many plain and boring bracelets, i've always wanted something that stands out, don't you?
I'll show you how this impossible bracelet is made.

Step 1: Designing

The design consists of rectangular rings that chain together to form a bracelet.
In Tinkercad, the rectangular rings are made by two boxes, one solid and one hole.
The bevled edges are made by wedges that are holes.
There are a total of 8 rectangular rings in my bracelet.
You may need more rings depending on your wrist size.

Step 2: Marking Out

With the wood grain vertically, mark the 0.6cm, 2.4cm, 3cm, 3.6cm, 5.4cm, 6cm, 6.6cm, 8.4cm and 9cm.
Next, with the grain horizontally, mart the 0.6cm, 3.4cm, 4cm, 4.6cm, 7.4cm, 8cm, 8.6cm, 11.4cm and 12cm.

Step 3: Cutting & Shaping

There are two ways to make the holes required.
First, with a chisel. This method is time consuming requires more skill.
Second, by drilling sawing and filing. I prefer this method as it is a lot faster.
Drill a hole in the wood. Then using a coping saw, carefully remove as much wood as possible. Last, file the edges to the line, you can also use a rasp.

Step 4: Applying a Finish

Apply the paint or stain using a paper towel to the wood. Before painting or staining, you can choose to sand the wood for a smoother surface.

Step 5: Assembly

Using pliers, carefully pull apart the grips to break the wood apart.
Glue the broken pieces together after connecting the links together.
To protect the wood, apply a coat of spray lacqure.

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