Introduction: Impress Your Friends Potato Salad

So, can't cook, got a memorial day picnic to go to. Want to impress the boss, girl, guy, friends? Can't buy that store bought stuff makes you look cheap and uninterested. so FAKIN MAKE IT!

what you need:
5 lb bag of all purpose potatoes.
medium size sweet onion 
whole chives
Hellman's mayo. (don't skimp on this one or use miracle whip cause that is just gross)
Italian dressing (I use Newman's or kens steak house, cause they have a bolder flavor)

So its gonna be a while but there is down time between steps. 

1. get a bowl you want to use for the salad.
2 put on a big ol' pot of water to boil.
3. peel the taters, cut 'em up into chunks bigger than a bite less than a mouthful and fill the bowl about 3/4 the way. 
4. cut up the onion i use a bout a tennis ball size onion per half a bag. 
5. throw it all in the pot. don't let the boiling water scald you!
6. let it cook. cooking time depends on how much you got in there and the size of the chunk. you want it to be cooked enough to retain shape but soft enough that it can be fork split without effort. 15-30 mins. 
7. chop a few chives up for taste and look. i use the whole thing put it in the bowl
8. once its cooked drain the water, put the taters in the bowl.
9. while its still warm put some Italian dressing on it . enough to coat it gently stir it and let it cool for 10-15 mins 
10. add mayo to taste. and put it in the fridge.  
11. serve it up like a boss 

simple, easy and tastes great and costs cheap.