Introduction: Improved Paper Duct Tape Wallet

This is a paper wallet based on the one made by theRIAA and reinforced with duct tape. There are also additions such as an ID case and memory card slot. You can also improvise your own additions, which is a step higher than leather wallets.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
8.5*11 paper-several sheets
plenty of duct tape- whichever color you want the wallet to be
clear tape
a small business card size booklet
a small piece of poster board or cardboard
a pencil

utility knife or pocket knife

Step 2: Make Paper Wallet - Folds

Fold the paper into quarters, then unfold. Cut where you see the marker in the 4th picture.

Step 3: Wallet- More Folds

Fold up the flaps as shown. Then fold it over, left to right, from the alignment shown in the image. Once it looks like the 2nd picture, fold it in half as shown in the third one.

Step 4: Ending Folds

Fold the external flaps into the rest of the wallet.

You have officially finished the "standard" paper wallet. proceed for the improvements:

Step 5: Duct Taping Your Wallet

Cut off the 2 flaps that are sticking out ( follow the first image) and tape them shut, unless you want exterior access to your interior slots(weird, right?) then take your pencil and mark off the visible"rectangles" these are the 4 in the pocket where you put your cash, and the 4 exterior ones. Now you need to apply the duct tape. Unfold the wallet(the opposite of folding it) and apply
the duct tape in the rectangular areas where you marked them. next, refold the wallet and tuck the folds in. you might also want to secure the inner flaps by taping them with clear tape.

Step 6: The Additions-ID Wallet

From here there are several things you can do:
To make an ID Wallet, cut off an inch on 2 of the sides as shown in the picture. then make the same wallet again, just an inch smaller on each side. then, if you did not do so already, apply the duct tape.

Step 7: Memory Card Slot

Wrap a sticky note that corresponds with your color scheme around the memory card. cut off the extra, tape it up, and tape it to the right half of the larger wallet, not the ID wallet.