Introduction: Improved Version Paper Lucky Stars-simple But Easy!

These are cute little 3D stars made by me!!

Anyone will fall in love with this beauty!!!

Step 1:

Take a long strip of paper with a breadth of 1 to 1.5cm.

Step 2:

Fold the paper into a knot until you are left with a pentagon-like shape

Step 3:

press the pentagon flat and tighten it carefully without the paper tearing.Then turn over the paper and insert the extra strip into the pouch.

Step 4:

Turn over once again and place the tail of the paper on one side then turn and place over the alternate side.Keep repeating this until you reach the end and insert into the final pouch.

Step 5:

Almost finished!

Just keep all five fingers on all five sides and gently press the edges.Then shape the edges to make it more pointy.

There you have it!

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