Introduction: Improvised Heat Gun Substitution Success

So, for my next upcoming project I'm needing a heat gun. I don't has a heat gun. I improvise instead.

It's a quick tip on how you can, to some extend, substitute a heat gun with with a alcohol burner/stove and a metal funnel, so let's begin.

Step 1:

First of all, we'll need an alcohol burner. And it has to be alcohol burner specifically, or a gas burner, that doesn't produce smoke or soot. If you want to see, how failed alternative looks at work, you can visit my previous instructable:

Parafin Burner Success and Improvised Heat Gun Fail

I'm not going to go through the process of making the alcohol burner here. There's a plenty of tutorials online. I used this one:

It took me a few minutes and basic tools to make one.

Step 2:

Before using the burner, place it on some fire resistant surface and pour some amount of alcohol inside. It's ok, and even beneficial, if you'll spill some around the burner. It'll help heat up the alcohol within to turn it into flamable vapour. Light the burner up and, when you'll see that the flame comes out of all side openings, put a coin on the centre hole to prevent fire coming out of it.

Step 3:

Now place a metal funel upsidedown abow the flame using supports that aloow the air inflow at the bottom.

You don't want the flames coming out of the funnel oppening, so lift it higher if that's happening.

Step 4:

After the funnel heats up it generates consistant localized flow of hot air from the funnel oppening.

In the video I'm using a piece of plastic PET bottle strip to demonstrate the work of the device. As you can see, the funnel collects the heat from relatively large flame and concentrates it with the the air flow at the top oppening. The stream dosn't "drift" with the wind and much more predictable to work with then the heat from open fire: your hands and material are pretty safe from heat right before they approach the opening.

Step 5:

To put the burner off, cover it with bigger can to cut the air income. And I do recomment to make sure, that you have suitable thing to do so before lighting up the burner, since it's much better than look for it in panic if something would go wrong.

Step 6:

Also, you can just use the funnel with a gas stove on your kitchen after not claning it for some time.

Anyway, it was was a part of a bigger project and I wanted to put it separately to refference it later. It may be usefull at some situations, though.

This is it for now, thanks for your attention and have a nice 2007... once more.

Also, my Patreon page is still exists, and if you're interested what I would be doing, having bigger budget for my projects - support me there.

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