Improvised Pyrotechnic/Firework Fuse.




Introduction: Improvised Pyrotechnic/Firework Fuse.

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Small and simple improvised firework pyrotechnic fuse for say adding a delay to to a firework or just because.

1.Very simple to make visco type/style fuse take 3/6 boxes full of matchs and grid off the matchheads,crush or mill into a fine powder i use a coffee mill since it perfect size for crushing them.

2.Collect a bunch of absorbent string not rope,shoelace will do just make sure to soak it in water before your try to apply anything to it will stick much better to the string.

3.Obtain a small and disposable bowl of some kind for mixing the match head dust into a watery plaster like consistency and use the back of a small spoon ,or your hands but would not advise it will stain your skin and probably damage you in some fashion,You can use a rubber glove but it will be tricky but far safer for you try find a thin pair that will not impair your movement.

Apply using blobs or just coat the back of the spoon and press into the string,over the bowel,paper etc so any spillage is not lost .Carry on till you have a nice coating on all the wire/fuse etc and let it dry overnight.

4.Keep this stuff in an airtight containers and will keep for a long usable time.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I can suggest soaking the string in saturated KNO3 solution instead of plain water. It works very nicely. Adding some glue to the mixture on the outside of the string really helps it stick, too.

    Just a word of caution -"Det Cord" is not the same thing as fuse cord. Det Cord is highly explosive,it will take off body parts if used instead of fuse ....


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Alright was just trying to think of another word for fuse.

    Lectric Wizard
    Lectric Wizard

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Not trying to put you down, a lot of younger people read these & just wanted to clarify that so they understand not to use det. cord.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Fused used to set off a airsoft grenade i made,so it works in a vacuum also.