Introduction: Improvising a Tiny Pizza Oven

If you reduce a typical pizza oven to it's main features you get not much:

  • A very hot 'room' for the pizza
  • A floor that can store and release a lot of heat
  • High temperature

The floor and high temperature are the main difference to a normal kitchen oven, so you can buy these pizza stones you can put in there to improve your pizza. But without the much higher temperature they are not that useful. That's why I had one just lying in a shelf for a long time and now decided to do something with it.

The pizza stone will be cut to size, so it fits the small oven, which can reach higher temperatures than a normal kitchen oven. So with these I should have all the basic features of a 'real' pizza oven and I can make very nice, very small pizzas!


  • small oven with baking tray
  • old pizza stone (new would work too)
  • angle grinder with stone cutting disk
  • pencil

Step 1: Cutting the Stone

My pizza stone was just large enough so I could cut two pieces to size. But I made only one, because I'm lazy and don't really need the second one.

You will need some way to cut the stone, and the easiest way should be with an angle grinder and a stone cutting disk. If you already have those you probably know how to use them:

  1. Use the original baking tray to mark the size you need on the stone
  2. find a nice place where you can make the cuts
  3. Use PPE! (and put the dog somewhere where she won't get hurt)
  4. Have a nicely fitting pizza stone!

Step 2: Testing

Unfortunately the designers of my oven were neither lazy nor stupid, so the oven seems to have a maximum temperature, which is around 270°C (518°F). If it reaches that temperature the heating elements just shut off until it has cooled down a little. This is not perfect, so I will get a new temperature controller from ebay and make an update when it arrives.

Of course I put a mini pizza in there anyway, and it tasted really good!

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