Introduction: In Just 10 Minutes Can Make Your Great Treat for a Day

In just 10 minutes can make your great treat for a day. A blissful moment for a day is taking a bath with an aromatic bath bomb. Some people only takes a shower but taking baths will benefit you a lot. You can fight against a cold, soothe your skin, and it will make you relax and send you off to sleep. If you find difficult to get to sleep, you should take a bath.
This instructable will make your own colored, own smelled original bath bomb, using materials in your house. We will use bicarbonate, citric acid, starch powder, food coloring, aroma oil, and capsule. You can put some toys inside of it; hence your children would enjoy bath time! It’s so easy to make, it only takes 10 minutes. So, let’s make the original fizzy bath time treat together!!

Step 1: Measure Flour

Measure 100g of bicarbonate, 50g of citric acid, 50g of starch powder. You should measure them accurately.

Step 2: Put Together As a Whole

Add them all and mix them together well

Step 3: Add Aroma Oil

After that, add 20 drops of aroma oil and mix them. It is better to put the aroma oil everywhere so that it doesn’t concentrate at one place. You can change the amount of aroma oil as you like. We used Orange Sweet smell.

Step 4: Coloring

Add 0.8g of food coloring and mix them. Be careful the coloring not to concentrate at one place. We used the spoon which can measure 0.1g, so it took 8 times. The color we used is yellow.

Step 5: Add Water

After that, measure 12g of water and put the water into the bowl little by little while turning the bowl. If you put the water at once, citric acid will scatter. Adjust the amount of water so that the ingredients can harden by pressing in a rubber spatula.

Step 6: Tape Holes of the Capsule

Once the ingredients can harden by pressing, the powder is completed. Then you should make the container. Tape holes of the capsule to prevent the powder from falling. We taped the capsule from both sides. Be careful not to leave the space.

Step 7: Decorate the Capsule

Decorate the capsule freely. We drew a picture of face. Make your capsule original. You can draw pictures, you can use masking tape, you can use anything!

Step 8: Fill Up

Put the powder into the capsule body you decorated on step 7. You should fill the capsule with the powder just before overflowing and harden it very much. Do not forget to fill the cover of the capsule with the powder. Then you put the body and the cover together. Be careful there is no space between the body and the cover.

Step 9: Dry It

It is wet, so wait for about half a day until it gets dry. While waiting, it could be cute ornaments of your room.

Step 10: Put It Into Bath!

When the powder gets dry, take out from capsule and put it into the bath. The bathbomb will bubble up. The water will dye the color you used. When you take the bath with bathbomb, you can relax with the smell you used.

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