Introduction: Incense Can

First thing you will need is a can, but not just any can. In order for this design to work it needs to be able to hold between 23-25 fl oz so the around the size of an Arizona ice tea or in our case an ice cold natty daddy. The other thing you will need for this project is a sharp serrated knife (doesn't even have to be that sharp). Lastly the most important ingredient is a stick of incense.

Step 1:

The first step is to figure out where the hole of the can lines up with the outer shell. This is important because your first two cuts need to line up with that hole. Once you have eye balled it enough and are confident your in the right spot make two cuts perpendicular in the can each about an inch in from the top and bottom. Cut down until you are a little less than half way through the can on either side. Safety tip wearing a pair of gloves will stop you from cutting yourself on any sharp edges.

Step 2:

The next step is to press the can down in between the two cuts . Push the outer shell down into the can until it is flush along the bottom. Pinch the sides of the can to create the shape of the basin and to create a smooth edge.

Step 3:

Next to make this vessel of relaxation a little less dangerous make small cuts along the top and bottom rims. Then fold the aluminum underneath itself and smooth out the edge to create a safe and more fashionable edge.

Step 4:

The next part is crucial because you only get so many tries with this thing. Bend up the tab till its about parallel to the table or when it gets to the perfect angel to hold your stick. Then let her rip, of course I forgot the most important ingredient so I made a small substitution, but you get the idea.

Step 5: