Introduction: Increase Range to Your Bluetooth USB Dongle

Some bluetooth USB dongle only have a short range, that because the antenna is very short. In this instructables I've try to extent the antenna with inner cord from telephone cable. And it works....

Step 1: What We Need

what we need is:

- Bluetooth USB dongle(of course)
- Telephone cable about 50cm long
- Soldering iron
- Soldering tin
- iron saw (I use the one from my victorinox)

Step 2: Make a Small Hole in the Plastic Body

First crack open the USB dongle. Then the iron saw to make cut on each side of the plastic body, so when we assemble it will make a hole.

Step 3: Attach the Inner Cord or Wire

Use your soldering iron to attach wire to the antenna on the PCB

Step 4: Assemble the Dongle

Assemble the dongle then coil the wire over the body.

Step 5: Use It

Now your your bluetooth USB dongle is ready to use. Can you see the range is increasing?

I'm doing this because I'm using my 3G phone as a modem. I've to placed the phone on the certain place to get better receiving. And with this innovation I can put the phone further from the computer, to get the best receiving.