Introduction: Indian TEA With Milk.

A simple on the go Indian tasty tea :D

Step 1: Ingredients U Need

1. 1 cup milk(serves 1)

2. Tajmahal Tea leaves- 2tsps

3. sugar- 3tsps cardamom - 2 nos

Step 2: The Makingof Chai(tea)- 2 Minutes

let the milk boil for a minute

add tea powder to the milk first then stir smoothly

add sugar as per convenience (3tsp makes it very tasty)

let it boil for sometime

crush the cardamom and add it to the boiling tea

take out the pan from the stove and filter the tea into a tea cup.

enjoy your tasty Indian tea and take a breath!! :)

Step 3: Knowing the Indian Tea(chai)

1. Chai is the Indian word for "tea".

In India "chai" simply means tea. But in the West it refers specifically to spiced Indian-style tea - that is, tea with traditional Indian spices and milk. This is also referred to as Masala Chai, which is more popular in India than coffee. The popularity of chai tea is spreading rapidly to the rest of the world, and has taken on some changes. In America, a sweeter, creamier variation known as a "chai latte" is often served as chai.

2. Tea is good for you!
There is also a growing body of evidence showing that the tea in chai has numerous health benefits. Tea polyphenols have been linked in research to increased attention and focus (Theanine), cardiovascular health, protection against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and even may have the potential to alter cancer genetics. Additionally, the spices in Chai Tea have various health benefits, and have been used for thousands of years.

3. Chai tea is better for the environment.
Water is perhaps our most precious resource, and becoming more so each day. It is estimated that over 1100 cups of water are required to produce a single cup of coffee. On the other hand, only about 1/10th of that amount of water is needed to produce a cup of tea. Read more about chai tea's positive environmental impact.

4.Chai is typically made with black tea, but also available with green tea, Rooibos (or red tea) and yerba mate.

Green tea has less caffeine than black tea, and larger amounts of EGCg, a powerful anti-oxidant. It was first assumed that green tea had higher health benefits, but new research is finding that the theaflavins and thearubigens of black tea actually carry similar health benefits. Rooibos is a caffeine-free variety of tea sought for its additional health benefits. It is widely believed that it is the synergistic combination of tea and spices that make chai such a beneficial and healthy drink. Yerba mate is another tea variation sought for it's additional health benefits, but it also carries a stronger, slightly bitter taste.

5. Many of the chai products available are Fair Trade Certified.
This means the products are grown, harvested and purchased according to the rules of the Fair Trade organizations. We want you to help you make an informed decision about all aspects of the products you buy. For more information, please see Fair Trade Chai. Many of the chai products available are USDA Organic. This means it is grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers or sludge, and it is not genetically modified. For more information, see USDA Organic Chai.

6. Chai Direct offers the complete line of Yogic Tea medicinal. These are specially-blended chai formulas include specific medicinal herbs which support various body systems. If you are interested in herbal nutrition, this is a great-tasting way to get it!

Step 4: Enjoy Your Tea!! :D