Introduction: Individual Control of Multiple LED Lamps With One Remote

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This project will teach you how to reproduce or design your own IR remote control collimator to create a remote with pinpoint precision control of your LED lights and LED light strips.

I made this project to fix a problem of remote control interference.
The remote control for an LCD lamp was interfering with a television. Whenever the lamp was turned on, the television would turn on as well.

In this project, I designed a collimator to fix the interference caused between the remote control for the lamp and the television set. The collimator slides over the remote control and gives it pinpoint accuracy for the device you want to control.

This has other applications as well. If you have multiple devices that use the same instruction set or remote control, you will be able to use them without interfering with one another.


3D printer


Step 1: Watch the Video

The only materials needed for this video are your 3D printer and some PLA.

Step 2: Design Phase

Here is a link to the design portion of the video.

Measure the width of your remote, its height, and determine how far you want the remote to slide into the collimator.

Then measure how far the LED is from the top of the remote. You will need the barrel of the collimator to be positioned at the same position as the LED.

Step 3: CAD Design

Here is a link to the CAD design portion of the video.

Here you will model your collimator using your CAD package of choice and the measurements you took from the previous step. The link above will show you how this was done in Fusion 360.

Step 4: Print Your Part

Here is a link to this portion of the video.

The part was printed using eSun PLA with support and 100% infill.

Step 5: Assemble

When your print is done, pull off your support material and slide your remote into the housing of your new collimator.

Step 6: You Did It