Introduction: Individual Learning Plan (Playlist Using Black Tape)

Differentiated Instruction: Student visual


  1. Large whiteboard or chalkboard
  2. 2-inch duct tape
  3. 1/2 inch electrical tape
  4. Microsoft Word or Google Docs to print Days of the week
  5. Level

Step 1: What Is Differentiated Instruction?

Differentiated Instruction:

Identifying students strengths and weaknesses and teaching to their own unique needs. For instance, in an Algebra I classroom there might be students who have learning disabilities included with regular education students. You can't teach those students the same. Every student is unique and should be taught based on their needs assessment.

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Step 2: Differentiation Is...Differentiation Is Not...

Info. graphic.

Step 3: How to Use ILP (Individual Learning Plan) BOARD

Example Scenario: (Math)
  1. Give a new student the pre-assessment (Saxon Pre-assessment)
  2. Place in book according to pre-assessment data.
  3. Write the dates on top line.
  4. Write the students names as well as the book # starting on the second line.

(If you want confidentiality you can use initials, student #'s, or DOB.)

5. Each day, write in the assignment for every student.

(If you have 12 students, you may have 12 students doing 12 different assignments.)

The key is to stay on top of student work. Correct student work daily and change assignments as needed.

Step 4: How to Utilize Technology?

You can differentiate bookwork with the use of technology-based on student assessment data and learning style.

Here are 3 sites on the use of technology for differentiating instruction.

Enhancing Learning Through Differentiated Technology

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction (pdf)

Discovery Education on Using Technology to Differentiate Learning

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