Introduction: Indoor Plant Chandelier

This awesome Tinkercad, and soon to be a 3D print, is an amazing house for your plants that don't have a home. This Tinkercad is quite easy to make, and modify. In case you don't want to go through the work of actually making a Tinkercad, I have attached this very design, in this Instructable for people who want to directly print it on your 3D printer. I am actually printing it myself, for my mom for mothers day. It would be a great gift for plant lovers.


You'll really only need the Tinkercad software, and a 3D printer, if you would like to print it.

Step 1: Making the Top of the Chandelier

Watch the Video in the link below to learn how to make the top of the chandelier.

Click Me

Step 2: Making the Hook

Watch the Video Above to learn how to make the hook.

Step 3: Making the Actual Chandelier

Watch the videos above to learn how to make the actual chandelier.

Step 4: Finishing Up the Chandelier

Watch the video above, to see how to finish up your chandelier.

Step 5: Optional: Include a Water Tray

Once you have finished with the chandelier, you can choose to include a water tray that will catch any water that you use to water your plants. This is especially important if you are planning on putting this inside, as you don't want any water spills in your house. Use the pictures above to help you make a drip tray for your chandelier.

Step 6: 3D Print

Now that you have completed your Tinkercad, its time to print it!

Step 7: ENJOY!!!

Enjoy your cool and fully homemade planter chandelier. This is sure to impress all the guests who come into your house. Just put some soil in each hole, and plant your very own plants, for everyone to admire.

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