Introduction: Indoor Security System Using RFID and Status Display by LCD Using Arduino Micrcontroller

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It is a Indoor Security System that automates Door Open/Close movement. The user authentication is been done using smart RFID card that will authenticate and authorize user to enter into the premises by opening and closing the door. Project consists of RFID reader chip that will have a sensing range of 1-5 centimeter. When the RFID smart card gets in the range of RFID reader chip, it will acquire the card unique identifier and send it to microcontroller for further processing. Arduino Microcontroller will process the identifier and check whether it exists in the authorized list or not. Upon the successful authorization, an ALARM BUZZER will sound along with GREEN LED will blink. Also a small 5 Volt DC Motor will OPEN the door for few seconds and then CLOSE it. If in case of unsuccessful authorization, an ALARM BUZZER will sound and the RED LED will blink and the door will not OPEN. An LCD Module will be interfaced with the project that will provide the working status of the project. For example upon success it will show message as:


In case if the authorization failed, it will show message as:


Step 1: Project Components

Arduino Micrcontroller (Qty-1) -

RFID Reader Module (Qty-1) -

LCD Module (Qty-1) -

Buzzer (Qty-1) -

LED (Red ) (Qty-1) -

LED (Green) (Qty-1) -

Resistor (Qty-2) - 120/220/330 Ohm -

Breadboard (Qty-1) -

L293D/H-Bridge IC (Qty-1) -

RFID Tags (Qty-3)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram shows various components where Arduino Uno Microcontroller acts as the main processing hub. Various sensors include RFID reader, DC motor, L293D IC, Buzzer and LED’s.

RFID Reader is transmitting the data using D0 pin that is connected to D2 pin of the microcontroller. The RED RFID indication LED is connected to the RFID Reader module. It blinks when the user swaps the RFID. The LCD module is transmitting the data using SDA and SCL pin which is connected to microcontroller SDA (A4) and SCL (A5) pin. The two LED indicators i.e. SUCCESS LED and ERROR LED are connected to pin D6 and D5 of the microcontroller. The BUZZER alarm is connected to pin D4 of the microcontroller. The L293D IC is connected to pin D11 and D12 of the microcontroller and the DC motor is connected to pin OUT1 and OUT 2 of the L293D IC.

Step 3: Project Breadboard Design

Step 4: Components Description on Breadboard

Step 5: Authorized / Unauthorized Message

Step 6: Arduino Micrcontroller Source Code