Introduction: Indoor Watering (minus the Mess)

Winter weather forces my little green friends indoors for a few months.

I love my plants, but did not enjoy the process of corralling them in the sink or bathtub to water.

Even worse, giving them a drink where they were hanging or sitting often resulted in plant puddles on the floor and tables. Not good.

This watering hassle ended a few years ago when I learned that the job could be handled by plopping a few ice cubes at the plant base.

Small plants get 1-2 cubes, larger (or dryer) plants a few more.

The ice melts slowly providing the plant and the dirt time to absorb the water.

In addition, I can reach up and "ice" a hanging plant without risk of a shower.

I imagine this is not a horticulturists recommendation for plant care, but since adopting this method I have experienced no water stains on my wood tables nor have I had to hold any dehydration related plant funerals.

Now isn't that nICE?

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