Introduction: Inexpensive Eco-Friendly Way to Make a Garden Bed Weed Proof

About: I am a library media supervisor and I love making fused glass and gardening. I have over 500 varieties of hosta in my garden.

Never use fabric or plastic landscaping fabric ever again, with this very inexpensive and eco-friendly way to weed proof and create a new garden!

Step 1: Step 1: Figure Out Where You Want to Place Your Garden and Line It

Begin by collecting some of the following: old boxes, cardboard, newspaper(not colored shiny ads), or paper grocery bags.

  • Mark out where you would like to add your garden. You can do this easily with a garden hose, since they are flexible.
  • Then cover the entire area with items you collected (you can even mix all of these items up). Yes, right over the grass. No need to remove the grass or til the soil. If you are using newspaper, you will want to use several sheets at a time. Make sure not to leave any gaps, as grass will grow in these gaps. I know, because I made that mistake!
  • I then water this area well, or paper sometimes tends to fly around in the wind or birds start digging holes in it.

Step 2: Step 2: Mulch

Step 2 is fairly simple, just cover this area with mulch. A lot of times you can find free mulch at your city recycling building or on sale in bags at big box stores.

Step 3: Step 3: Start Laying Out Your Plants

Now you can start arranging your plants by different colors and texture. Once you have figured out what will look best, water the bed once more to make it easier to dig through paper and/or cardboard. Use a good spade shovel to break through your barrier to create holes to plant your plants. Then once they are all in place water it once again to give your plants a nice drink!

Step 4: Step 4: Then Just Sit Back and Watch Your Plants Grow

There is no need to weed, the paper/cardboard barrier will keep the weeds and grass out and your plants will be happy because it keeps the moisture in the soil. Never have to worry about using landscaping fabric, which is impossible to dig into, ever again!

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