Introduction: Inexpensive Notepad Gift

This is an easy and fun way to jazz up a plain little pad of paper and it can be given as a very inexpensive gift.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1- small note pad ( mine was 5in X8in and came in a 3 pack at the dollar store)
1- 8.5 X 11 sheet of card stock in any color you choose
Glue stick and/or glue runner
scissors and/or paper cutter
*ruler and pencil if you are not using a paper cutter with measurements on it
scraps of decorative paper
optional items for embellishments ie. markers, buttons, ribbon

Step 2: Cut Cardstock to Size

This craft can be adjusted to fit smaller notepads, but for the purpose of completeing this project, we will be using the dimensions of a notepad that is 5in. X 8in.

If you are using a paper cutter you need to cut 3/4 in.* off the length of the cardstock so you would line the paper up with the measurement that says 10 1/4 inches. That's how long you paper will end up. If using a ruler, measure 3/4 in up from bottom edge near one corner and mark with a pencil. Repeat this near the opposite edge so you can lay your ruler down and draw a line from point to point. You will cut on this line with your scissors. Next you need to cut a 1/2 in. off the width of the cardstock by whichever means you choose (paper cutter or ruler, pencil and scissors). The finished width should be 8 inches.
You should now have a piece of cardstock that measures 8 X 10 1/4 inches.
*The reason why we cut off 3/4in instead of 1 inch is to account for the approximate 1/4 inch thickness of the pad since the cardstock wraps all the way around.

Step 3: Attaching Notepad to Cardstock

On the back of your note pad, apply whichever sticky, permanent substance you choose.
Attach the pad to the far right side of your trimmed cardstock being sure to line up the corners nicely.
I recommend using a glue runner or some sort of permanent double sided tape. There are many kinds of sticky products available. Just use what you have on hand, but make sure if you are using regular glue that you apply an even, thin coat and apply even pressure while drying.

Step 4: Score the Cardstock

Using a dull flat object (mine is a plastic scraper from Pampered Chef), pressing hard from the top to bottom up against the edge of the notepad , create a crease, fold paper up and then flip it so you have the cardstock laying on your work surface and the notepad in the air. Create a second crease and fold paper over to make the cover. Using your tool, rub along the newly created spine to sharpen the crease and make it more defined.

Step 5: Decorate!

Using scrap paper, glue and whatever else you choose, personalize your notepad and then give it away or keep it to enjoy.
You can keep it really simple, or get as fancy as your creativity allows...
  • You could even add ribbon around the outside or on the inside before you glue pad to the paper and make a little tie closer