Inexpensive Self-watering Garden




Introduction: Inexpensive Self-watering Garden

The purpose of this garden is to allow anyone who doesn't have access to fruit or veggies to grow their own produce in their house easily and affordably

Step 1: Parts List

1. Some form of pot or bucket

2. Soil

3. A rope or string

4. An empty water bottle

5. Plants

Step 2: Planting the Plant

First fill the pot about halfway with soil

Next place the plant on top and fill the pot the rest of the way with dirt

Step 3: In Our Planter, We Had 3 Plants

Step 4: Self Watering System

Cut a segment of string long enough to reach the soil from the bottom of the water bottle.

Place one end next to the plant and the other in the bottle

Use some form of adhesive to attach the bottle to the planter

Repeat for each plant

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    4 years ago

    Shouldn't you have put the string in the dirt first, before planting the plants?

    I created some wickpots, but mine are self contained and feed the string up through the bottom. Anyway, but having the string in first, I can cover more dirt area for the wicking process.


    4 years ago

    That's an awesome simple fix :)