Introduction: Infant Car Seat Cover-Yoshi Egg

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It's getting cold and its hard to keep a baby warm in the car seat. I don't like having to dress them in a ton of layers that could be hard to buckle the seat later and then you have to undress them when you get home. So here is a great solution that you can sew to make your life easier when traveling. It also helps shield them from the snow, rain, wind, and keeps the sun out of their eyes. You can use any cute pattern of fleece you want to personalize it or you can make it look like a yoshi egg. I don't have much experience sewing, so this was the first time I've ever put a zipper on anything, and the first time I've sewn elastic as well. So if I can do it, anyone can do it!

If a yoshi egg isn't your thing you can also check out my other cover I created that has extra features.

What you need:

 1 1/2 yard of Fleece (I had a little extra but better safe than sorry)
Sewing machine
Small sheet flexible plastic(optional)

Step 1: Measuring and Planning

Take your fleece and drape it over the car seat, make sure you have plenty of fabric on both ends to add the elastic later. I double layered my fleece for extra warmth. Then mark with pins on the fabric where you want to sew the Velcro that goes around the car seat handle, if you are double layering you will want to pin and sew the two layers together before doing this step. I wish I would have used green fleece for the layer on the inside, it would have been cute.

Sew velcro where your pins have marked on the fleece.

Step 2: Cutting for the Flap and Adding Zipper

Once you have your velcro on, then drape the fleece over the car seat and mark where you would like your opening to be, take a pencil and mark. Then take the fleece lay it flat and trace a circle and cut out the fleece. Mark down the center and cut down where you would like the zipper to be as well.

Then take your sewing machine and sew around the edge of the circle opening (to keep edges together and not fraying), and sew on your zipper according to the directions on the zipper package.

Step 3: Making Flap

If you want to add embroidery, then go ahead and add it to your circle you have cut off. To add to the stability of the flap, I sewed a piece of flexible plastic (taken from an old plastic lid) on the inside of the circle. Then sew the circle back on to the fleece. Add velcro around the edges that will keep it in place when it is closed. Then take and flip the circle up and mark where another piece of velcro can be added, that will keep the flap up and open. (It is easier to take your child in and out of it with this velcro in place.

Step 4: Add Elastic

Drape your fleece on top the car seat and pin the fleece around the elastic when it is tightened around the seat. That way it will stay snug when it is placed back on the car seat. You want the elastic to go along the top and bottom of the car seat. The sides will take care of themselves so it is not necessary to sew it all the way around. When finished sewing cut off any extra fleece that you might have around the edges that you don't want.

Step 5: Sew on Green Spots

Place the cover on the car seat, and place the green spots on the outside in the areas you would like them to be, then pin them down, take the cover off, and sew the spots on the fleece. There you have it, your Yoshi Egg is done!
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