Introduction: Infinite Possibilities: Altoids

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As you may have seen, Altoids are a generic brand. I personally think that the case is better known than the mints inside. Because of that, I am having an Instructables on all of my favorite uses for Altoids cases. (Please note: there are not really steps more as a list of cool things.)

Step 1: Raspberry Pi Case

I think this is probably one of the most common uses for an Altoids case. It doesn't even have to be from raspberry pi. If it's an electronic board inside an Altoids case it counts.

Step 2: Storage

Now this one I really like. Storage. It's a basic concept: You put small, useful objects inside a tin box that can fit in your pocket. Here are some of the storage uses I figured out:

1) Survival Kit

2) Fishing Tackle Box

3) Fiddling Kit

a) A fiddling kit is a box full of stuff that you can mess around with

4) Snack Box

Step 3: Charger

Who wouldn't like/need this? You run out of juice, let's say camping, in the woods; you pull this out and charge your phone right back up.

Step 4: Games

This is pretty self-explanatory. You color the inside of the box to the board of a game and make miniature pieces.

Step 5: CATAPULT!!!!

I thought this was so creative when I found it. Plus you don't even need to make a catapult. There are plenty of other mini weapons that you could build inside an Altoids box. Crossbow for instance.

Step 6: Thanks for Reading This

If you have any other cool uses for Altoids boxes, please comment and I'll try to add it to the list as soon as I can.

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