Introduction: "Infinite" Snow Farm!

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This is the best way to farm snow!

(Thumbnail made by me in photoshop cs6)

Step 1: The Base

Build a 3x3 area. (Any blocks work in this tutorial)

Step 2: The Door, How Tall This Should Be?

Build 2 blocks up, place a door. and above the door should be 2 blocks.

Step 3: Lighting

Only use windows or the snow will melt. Maybe, Torches might actually work. You guys can try!

Step 4: The Cage.

Inside, place 1 block in the middle, at the back of the hut with 1 block visable and 2 blocks of fence above

Step 5: Storage

Theres gonna be alot of snow, place chests everywhere you can!

Step 6: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

I recommend removing that 1 block above there to place the pumpkin on his head. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO BUILD SNOWMEN, If not, its just 2 snow blocks on top of each other and 1 pumpkin (not jack 'o' latern) on top. Once you build the snowman put the fence back!

Step 7: Done!

Dig On the corners using a shovel, and hold down the mouse. TA DA!!!!! Infinite snow :D