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Introduction: Infinity Gauntlet Cast Cover (Light-up)

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Recently, I was involved in a motor vehicle collision which left me with multiple fractures, including my knee and wrist. At the same time, I was looking forward to seeing the Marvel movie INFINITY WAR. Since the film's featured prop was literally a gauntlet, and I was already wearing a cast, perhaps there was a way I could still get in a little cosplay.

However, since I only had one working hand, I would need a simple project, which I could make with just materials I already had, and do it literally one-handed.


Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project, I used pretty basic materials I had around. I'm a bit of a tinkerer, so I had what I needed. You might need a run to the craft store.

  • Craft Foam (Yellow)
  • Self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener (Velcro)
  • Plastic gemstones, assorted colors (I had some from the Princess Castle Bed project...)
  • Jumbo white LED
  • 3V lithium coin battery
  • Momentary-On button or switch

Only very simple tools were needed:

  • Scissors
  • Hots glue gun and glue stick (rubber cement would also work well)
  • Razor knife
  • Pen or marker

Step 2: Knuckles and Upper Section

My arm in a cast is a compound shape. To make the cover fit well, while still being simple, I designed it in two pieces. The first was the upper part covering my knuckles. This is also where the "Infinity Stones" would go.

I cut a piece of craft foam approximately the width of my hand. I wrapped it around my hand and marked where my thumb would go. I then cut a hole large enough for the thumb, stuck it through, and wrapped the foam the rest of the way around, making sure to include some overlap, then cut the foam to length.

Next, I cut small pieces of both hook and loops sides of the Velcro and placed them with their adhesive on the foam. I could then wrap the foam on my hand and secure it with the Velcro.

I used a marker to place a dot on each of my knuckles and the base of the thumb to locate the gemstones.

I took off the foam and used hot glue to attach the plastic gemstones to the foam. I made sure not to use any repeating colors. I also tested the hot glue on a scrap of the craft foam ahead of time. You never know what materials it can melt! Rubber cement also works GREAT with craft foam.

Step 3: Cuff and Lower Section

The lower section is pretty basic.

I cut the remaining piece of craft foam to the length from my wrist down to the bottom of my cast. My cast has a soft cloth finish. I used that to my advantage by adding two small pieces of hook Velcro right away to the foam. That let me stick the foam directly to the cast, making it easier to keep working on the project one-handed.

I wrapped the foam around my arm. There's a mechanical disc tensioner on my cast. I marked that location and then cut a hole there for that disc to pass through the foam. (Even while wearing this costume piece, I need to be able to access that knob for support, comfort, swelling, etc.) The disc also acts as another locating point and way to help attach the cover.

On the loose end of the craft foam, I added Velcro on both sides for secure attachment.

With both halves of the Gauntlet complete, I could put it on. I put on the lower section first, and then the upper section over the top of it.

I still hadn't found a larger gemstone for the back of the hand, but since I had been playing around with LEDs lately, I thought I would add a working light in place of the largest and final Soul Stone.

Step 4: LED Lighting

I decided I would add a functioning light to the middle of the Infinity Gauntlet.

The high-tech-looking splint I'm wearing is actually my second. The first was a plain plaster-type hard cast. I painted it red with the hopes of building an Iron Man gauntlet. I was also bedridden and very limited with what I could do. I liked the idea of building a repulsor to go with the Iron Man gauntlet.

Between the time I started working on that and the opening of the movie, I had a doctor appointment where the cast was cut off, I was given X-rays, and then I was fit for this semi-custom arm splint. So, my idea shifted to the Infinity Gauntlet with the repulsor circuit reused to light up a Stone.

I had a kit of electronic parts called Crazy Circuits, designed by a friend of mine. Those electronic components snap together on Legos and do NOT require soldering. I could design and build a simple lighting circuit in bed, one-handed.

I connected a 3V lithium battery to a momentary-on switch to a jumbo white LED, and then back to the battery to complete the circuit. In this case, I used conductive tape and assembled all the components on a flat piece of Lego. A two-handed person could easily solder a similar circuit with wires or a prototyping board.

On my otherwise finished Infinity Gauntlet, I marked where I would want the LED to go - roughly in the middle of the back of the hand. I took it off, and used a razor knife to cut a hole the size of the LED at the marked location.

I then put on lower part, tucked the Lego LED circuit into it, and then wrapped on the upper section so that the LED poked through the hole.

The momentary-on switch is easily located by touch, but hidden from view. The LED is plenty bright in typical lighting conditions, but should get lots of attention in the dark movie theater. (Only before the show... not during the movie, of course!)

Now complete, the gauntlet is three simple parts which easily attaches with Velcro, and lights up in the dark.

Step 5: Conclusion

Don't let an injury or disability keep you from having fun!

While this perhaps isn't the fanciest or most accurate movie prop ever, I think it gets the point across. More importantly, I had fun doing it and instead of bemoaning a broken wrist, I made something of it.

The project was simple enough that I could do it one-handed, and I think it taught me a little patience too.

If you happen to have a broken arm, but love super hero movies as much as I do, maybe you could use an Iron Man Gauntlet, Black Panther claws, Spider-Man gloves, or even an Infinity Gauntlet!

Until next time, have fun, and keep making something of yourself!


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    2 years ago

    i actually made a infinity gauntlet I will SNAP!!!!!!!


    4 years ago

    Sure, it's nice, but does it kill your enemies?


    Reply 4 years ago

    All I have to do is snap my fingers. Oh no!
    (With my thumb in the cast, I can NOT snap my fingers. I'll have to wait another month or so to destroy those pesky Avengers!)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Just use the time stone ;D