Introduction: Infinity Mirror Illusion Magic

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Hi friends, Let us make an Infinity mirror, which is an illusion magic!!!


You need:

  • LED strip
  • Single side mirror
  • Partially reflecting mirror
  • battery
  • wires
  • switch
  • cardboard( or sunboard) black colour or any colour of your choice

Step 1: Making the Box

Place the single side mirror at the bottom.

Place the carboard strips around it as shown in figure ,

with a small hole to insert the LED strip.

Step 2: Making the Connections

Connect the LED strip , switch and the battery in series.

Insert the strip through the hole we made and stick the led strip along the walls of the sun board.

Only the switch and battery must be outside the box made by us.

Step 3: Final Steps

Now stick the Partially reflecting mirror on the top.

and then switch on to see the magic.

We stuck only one LED strip , but you can have an illusion of many strips going inner , like a never ending tunnel !!!.

Science behind:

when we place the LED strip between a single sided mirror and partially reflecting mirror , multiple reflection occurs. And we have the illusion of Infinity tunnel..

Thank you for reading, enjoy making the infinity mirror...

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