Introduction: Save the Sparrows

About: Hi all, I am Nithish Arjun from India. I am 10 years old , . Do follow me for innovative projects.. doing projects and crafts like these is my hobby.😁

Hi everybody, the little bird sparrow welcomes us every morning by its "chirp! chirp! chirp!" .

Sadly the population of sparrows is decreasing due to deforestation and changes in global warming. So let us build a plastic home for the sparrows in front of our house.

Save the sparrows ,from becoming homeless.. Keep a bowl of water in the plastic house in summer.

Step 1: Steps in Tinkercad

Use the basic cube shape and create a hollow cube.

Use triangular pyramid shape for the roof.

Make rows and columns of cuboid and make it hole.

Combine the shapes and align them as shown in pictures.

Step 2: 3D Print and Save the Sparrows

Complete the design and we can get the 3D printing service available in our region.

Lets build the plastic house for the birds and help them get water during summer season.

Save the sparrows from becoming the next Dinosaurs.

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