Introduction: A Galaxy in Your Hand! Infinity Mirror Box

About: Maker guy with a lot of love for paper and cardboard. Recently also working with recycled plastics. other related interests are photography, youtube, recycling, etc :-)

This tutorial is about making a little shape that creates a lot of reflections inside. With holes on every angle for light and a little window to see through, you can watch this infinity proces in your hand! The idea came from watching infinity mirror video's and trying to think of any variation on them. Hope you like it! :)

Step 1: Make or Order the 3mm Lasercut Acrylic Mirror Parts

i made a vector drawing and made an order online to lasercut these shapes from 3mm acrylic sheet mirror. Once received, we can start! :)

Step 2: Make a Simple Paper Strip With Double Sided Tape to Construct the Infinity Polygon Shape

the assembling is pretty easy this way. I made a 2cm strip of thick paper and scored this strip. A path of 2mm wide needed to be scored in the middle. apply double sided tape on the other side and make the folds.

Step 3: Assembling Time!

cut the paper strip to lengths of the pentagon side and work your way trough. Keep the 3 with the viewing hole side for last. It’s fun to see the reflections increasing with every element you assemble :)

Once the job is done, look inside and enjoy!