Introduction: Infinity Mirror With Interchangeable Logo

Am sure if you look at my profile and most of my makes, you'll see I just love shiny things, the more LED's and Arduino's or Raspberry Pi's involved the happier I am..

This started life as yet another Infinity mirror, on my way to my local MakerSpace in Coventry I saw a number of VW owners proudly highlighting and backlighting their VW badges, wow, looks pretty cool..

Here's how I made it better, by mixing up one of my previous instructables : and adding some extras..

Step 1: To Infinity and Beyond !!!!

First thing I did different, was to use addressable LED's rather than the standard LED strip.

Addressable means I can use a microcontroller like an Arduino or raspberry Pi to "talk" to the LED pixels, and tell them what colour and brightness I want them to shine, neat trick :)

In this instructable I will not go into the details of programming the Arduino or the Raspberry Pi for this task, but I will go into this in another Instructable.

Step 2: Ok, So There Is a Mirror, LED's and Logo.. Oops !

Now how am I going to improve on this...

So I mentioned the VW logo to begin with and had a chat with a friend with a Laser CNC machine, who promptly created me a VM logo to my specifications..

Big Mistake...

In the image, you can see the Logo sat inside the mirror, the mistake is that the outer edge of the logo covers the LED's, which means, yep, thats right, there's going to be no reflection !! Ok, so scrap that, and back to the brainstorming..

Step 3: The Logo Is BORING

My wife pointed out that my new cunning plan (will be revealed soon !) will look like junk as the Logo is Matt Black.

As I sat there looking blank, she picked up the logo and headed off to bling it up a bit, well I did have some worries about what she meant by "bling it up", I think it now pop's and stands out rather than just standing.

Step 4: Now She Tells Me the Case Is Boring !

Ok, as you can see, it's Silver, close to Grey I guess, so I suppose I should agree with my wife about the boring bit.

This time, I get hold and hang on before she has another "bling attack"..

Well, I should have trusted her more, and give her credit as she did an awesome job of improving the way it looks.

She painted the border with Green acrylic, then applied LOT's of green glitter (will be vacuuming for weeks) on and hey presto, AWESOME !!!

Step 5: Time to Enjoy

As you can see the transition from a plain (if you can call them that) infinity mirror, into something that really does stand out, has been simple, but just needed the right pair of eyes to see something..

The beauty now of having the Logo on the front, is that it can be exchanged for other Logo's thereby becoming the same but different in many ways. Due to the addressable LED's a simpel change to the Raspberry Pi code or maybe making it remotely available colours appropriate to the Logo can be chosen, or you can have it flashing, gently cycling colours all sorts of different ways, this is just waiting for enjoyment.

Step 6:

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