Introduction: Hot Glue Trinkets

My wife and I were browsing in a cooking shop and were looking at the silicon moulds available, there loads of really nice ones out there. Then we spotted the Ice Cube moulds, no cubes were visible, which is a good thing as we would have walked away without another thought.

Being as they are silicon, they have the same heat properties hot or cold, my wife, spotted some Love heart ones and suggested that the size and shape would make a nice jewellery pendant or fridge magnet.. How awesome is she !!!

So 5 mins later we are stood in the checkout queue with a silicon ice tray and some silicon muffin cases, a few different colours of glitter and a whole heap of ideas.

Step 1: Cut N Bake....

First things first, glue sticks, surprisingly we only used 6 (large) sticks...

They need cutting up into small pieces around 5mm in length, as I found out this is not as easy as it sounds and ended up with a couple of nice blisters ! I was using a pair of wire cutters, there may be a better way, if anyone knows it, please add a comment as I think I wife wants more of these...

So we could have some glitter on the outside I sprinkled glitter liberally over the tray (and the floor !) . Next I placed enough glue stick bits in the tray so they were slightly higher than the mould, my plan was to do 2 melts..

Now, pre heat your oven to around 200 C, which is the meting point of the sticks I was using, place the mould on a tray, and place in the center of the oven. In my oven it took around 3min 30sec for the glue to be almost fully melted, at which point I took it out as the residual heat would finish of the last little bits.

I left the mould outside, and beware, hot glue stays hot for a long time, so keep out of reach of children, pets and adults who will stick their fingers in.. It's STICKS AND BURNS (please, don't ask me how I know this)..

After around 10 mins, the glue was getting cooler and I then hit it again with glitter, added more glue stick bits and put it back in the oven, I kept a close eye on it as due to the glue not being fully cooled I thought it make melt quicker, which it did, was around 2mins.

This time, I took it out, put it outside and left to fully cool, which took around 60 mins.

We did pretty much the same process in one of the muffin cases, but added some chain so it could be hung.

Step 2: Turn Them Out

Now they are nice and cool, on a surface covered in newspaper (making an effort to reduce the glitter going everywhere again), it was simply a case of popping out the "plugs".

I was expecting some difficulty, and was pleasantly surprised how easy this was, it's my first time using Silicon moulds (I know, I like in the dark ages), but I have to say am very impressed.

The finished products were perfect for what we were expecting, now all we needed to do was do something with them.

Step 3: Make the Pendant

With one of the Love Hearts my wife set about preparing it so it would be suitable for a pendant.

The edges were a bit rough, so with a sharp blade, it was trimmed, then with some very fine emery paper the edges was smoothed.

Whilst the Heart looked great and sparkled in the light, it was still a little matt, so to bring out a bit of shine, a coating of Mod Podge was applied.

Next, how to hang the pendant and get the pin in..

Well, it's hot glue, so my wife trimmed the pin loop thingy ("I" pin, am told it's called), then heated it up and pushed it into the hot-glue, which did as expected and melted allowing the pin to sink in, and when cooled, held it securely. Perfect !

Step 4: Make the Necklace

Next was what to use, so a 2mm leather thong was chosen, measured and cut.

This was threaded through the pendant pin.

Ends were fitted to the thong onto which rings and a "Lobster Claw" catch was put on one side.

Overall this was a spur of the moment "I wonder if ... " project, and it turned out great for both my wife and I, as she didn't spend much on new jewellery so I get to spend more on my projects :)

have a look on google, and let your imagination run, there are so many different moulds ready to be used : GOOGLE ICE MOULDS

Step 5: Fridge Magnet

Unfortunately due to technical issues (I dropped the camera) we don't have pictures of the fridge magnet !

We used the larger muffin moulded trinket, and use HotGlue to stick a magnet on the back, this looks really good on the fridge :)

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