Introduction: Inflate Any Tube Without the Proper Adapter

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Its adventure day. You have borrowed no less than six tubes from various people and have promised a herd of extremely excited children that on THIS DAY, there will be a summertime tubing adventure. The creek, the cousins, and creation itself are all waiting in anticipation of the glorious moment when the adventure begins. But you've got a BIG problem. Within your assortment of tubes, you have no less than four different kind of inflating valves. Two of those, you've got handled. Regular car inner tube valve stem? You got this. Regular blow-up style inflatable valve? You got this. BUT WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE OTHER TWO????

This is the story of how YOU, yes YOU, walked into your garage a beaten man and walked back out a hero. all with the help of a single champaign cork.

Step 1: Panic.

not necessary for everyone, but for some of us, all acts of greatness are inspired by panic.

Step 2: Eat Goat.

Again, possibly not necessary for everyone, but I'm trying to be thorough.

Step 3: Let the Magical Moment Happen...

you have no proper adapters to inflate two of your tubes that are ABSOLUTELY necessary for a successful adventure... but what DO you have???

Remember that time a while back when you single-handedly created a plumbing device so spectacular that you almost had to move?? you should probably give that device its own instructable. But in the meantime, remember the champaign cork that you drilled a hole through the center of to make that device???

Oh yes... now you are with me.

Shrug off that failure, go into your garage, disassemble the aforementioned plumbing wonder, and bring forth the cork!!!

Step 4: Wedge the Cork Into the LARGER of the Valves.

this is important. You must work from largest to smallest, or you might run out of cork. Thats because you will probably need to trim the cork somewhat to get it to fit into the valve. And if you trim it to fit the SMALLER valve first... Well, welcome back to Failureville, population you.

But you don't need that warning. You are on a ROLL!

(note--in the event that you have not pre-created a plumbing wonder-tool, you will need to locate a cork, drill a hole down the middle of it, and trim one side of the cork to fit snugly within your largest remaining valve.)

Step 5: Wedge the Puny Normal Sized Valve Adapter Into the Cork.

like so.

Step 6: Hook Up to Your Air Compressor!

for those of you with mighty and powerful air compressors, caution is advised. It can be easy to lose track of time and air pressure as you cackle maniacally through your moment of triumph.

Step 7: Trim the Cork to Fit the Next Valve and Repeat.

You have done this. YOU HAVE DONE THIS!

Children cheer. Adults raise their eyebrows in pleasant surprise. The creek bubbles. Let the adventure begin!

Step 8:

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