Introduction: Infrared Light Reflectors

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Another of those little things folks don't tell ya
An Instructable to help lengthen the distance of your Infrared lamps

Step 1: The Truth Is Out There

As a paranormal investigator lighting is pretty important.
Not having a huge budget we decided to use infrared lighting and modified digital cameras for many of our investigations - however what folks don't tell ya is the infrared is not really focused like a normal torch beam due to it being a light not visible to the human eye - so the shiny mirror reflector on an infrared light does not do that much.

Step 2: It's Vanished!!

Out on investigations I had noticed that an environment that was white (like pale gravestones or chalk walls) where much better for showing up spirit entities due to the area being better lit from the light bouncing off the light surfaces - - however the IR lamps never really had too much range like a normal torch does - thought I would give this idea a go.

Our lights tend to be about 2.5 inches across - I was wondering if a white reflector could give a bit more range.

The only tools needed here are few.
Some meaty scissors.
Hot glue - solid but not permanent, just in case the result was poor.
The white version of Vanish washing powder.

Empty out the contents - cut off the threaded end - cut a hole to go snugly over your light - hot glue into place.

Step 3: The Result

Here are two shots of a friends house.
The one shot is being lit by a standard light bulb set into the ceiling - the other shot is with a modified camera using the a single light with reflector fitted - I am even tempted to fit a variable resistor to turn down the illumination as here the light is almost too bright.

Step 4: To Conclude

While this instructable is never going to make your light have the range of a standard torch etc it improved my lighting by x3 - taking our range for picking up shape and movement to around 25 feet for a single unit, add more units and ya get a pretty workable setup.
Tried this mod on a linear array and it seemed to make little difference (range was good already but did not get any longer ?), not sure why - give it a go, if it helps ya out then all good.
See ya.