Introduction: Ingeniously Simple Laptop Holder for Bed

Ten minutes, two hooks, and some string. That's all you to need to make this marvel of laptop holder engineering.

You can position the laptop any way you like AND you can stretch out underneath it.

Step 1: All You Need Is String and 2 Hooks

The string doesn't have to be super strong at all. I just used some hemp twine I had on hand, but you could probably even use dental floss (somebody try this!). You'll probably need at least 24 ft.

The hooks don't need to be heavy duty - they'll only be holding the weight of the laptop. Any old set of hooks will likely work.

Step 2: Hooks

Measure the width of your laptop. Then, screw your two hooks into your ceiling about 2-3 inches narrower than your laptop. So, if you laptop is 15 inches across, you would position the hooks about 12-13 inches apart. But really, close measurement is not necessary.
The invisible line between the hooks should be parallel to the top of your bed and should be positioned right above where you want the laptop to hang.

Step 3: String

Cut two long pieces of your string and tie them into equal sized loops. The length will depend on the distance between your bed and ceiling and how high you want the laptop. Again, exact measurement doesn't really matter, because you can adjust afterwards. Better to overestimate the amount of string you need.

Step 4: Hang It Up!

First, loop the string loops around the hooks. Keep the knotted ends at the bottom in case you need to adjust the length.

Then, just insert your laptop into the loops. DONE! You can position your laptop any way you wish for your viewing pleasure.

And if your laptop falls... who cares? It's only inches from your bed! Even better, when you're not using the this amazing contraption, you can simply take down the strings and stow them in a drawer. Depending on the stiffness of the string, it's pretty easy to loop them back up to the hooks again.