Introduction: Injection Fan

Hi my name is Kavya and my partner name is Irfan we are from Whitefield nook, Today we will show you how to make injection fan.


  1. Injection
  2. fan
  3. motor
  4. wire
  5. AA battery

Step 1: Injection

Take out the syringe and the back part of the injection then cut the top part as shown in the image with the help of mini saw.

Step 2: Motor

Take one motor and 2 wires and solder the wire to the positive and negative terminal of the motor now solder any one terminal wire to the AA battery and another terminal wire to the motor body and take the toy fan and fix it to the motor as shown in the image.

Step 3: Assemble

Now take the injection body and the motor now fix the motor to the injection body as shown in the image with the help of hot glue, Now take the battery and put it inside the injection and put the back part of injection as shown in the image.

Finally your project of ready to use:)