Introduction: Instagram Print Display

For Father's Day this year my wife got a bunch of my instagram pictures printed through instaprint. I love them and had been wanting some more pictures for my office. The question I was left with was how to display these pictures so that it looks good and so the pictures were really easy to change so I could update them regularly. I saw a picture online where someone had hung pictures from board using clips - I thought "I can easily to that".

Step 1: Materials and Cost

For this project I really only need a few materials:
1. Some board to hang the pictures on - I had a few pieces of pine just sitting in the garage. Make sure that the board is wide enough to accommodate the picture and the hook. Mine were 6" which was perfect - the pictures take up most of the space.

2. Some bulldog style clips. I got a box of 36 for about $9 from Amazon

3. Small screws - to attach the clips to the boards. I had a handful in the random screws I've collected over the years.

4. Stain or paint - while this is technically optional it is a low cost thing to make the project have that finished look. Most of the wood in my office is stained dark walnut, so I went to Lowes and picked up a $5 can of Minwax for the job.

Step 2: Wood Prep

Start by sanding and cleaning the wood. I used 220 grit paper and then wiped the pieces clean with a rag.

Step 3: Stain (or Paint) Wood

For staining make sure that you have two clean cloths. Use one to apply the stain and the other to wipe off the excess. When you apply the stain let it sit for about 10 minutes to soak in. The longer you let it sit the darker the stain will turn out. Make sure to wipe off the excess before it has a chance to dry. E cause I am mounting to the wall I did not stain the back, but did stain the edges.

Step 4: Add Clips

I measured out where I wanted the clips. I attached the one inch from the top with 4 3/4" between each clip. This allowed for a 3/4" gap between each picture which I thought was perfect. For the vertical one I measured 5" between each mark - so there was similar spacing between pictures. I had nice 1/2" screws that fit into the opening of the clips nicely and simply tightened the screws to keep the clips in place.

Step 5: Choose Your Photos and Test Layout

I chose the photos I wanted and put them in the clips to ensure I liked the layout. Note: sometimes the clip will want to make you picture stick out from the board. To fix this take the clip off and flip it, that way it pushes the pictures into the board for a more uniform look.

Step 6: Mount to Wall

Because I am mounting to cinder block I opted to just screw it right to the wall. The screws were placed so that they would be hidden behind a picture.

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