Introduction: Meshmixer: Installation

Meshmixer for Ember is the tool used to heal, orientate, layout and create supports for your 3D models before they can be 3D printed on Ember.


Meshmixer for Ember is a special build of Meshmixer that includes a number of tweaks to optimise it for Ember. Meshmixer for Ember will overwrite any previous versions of Meshmixer installed on your system.

Meshmixer for Ember User Manual

How to Install Meshmixer for Ember

How to Import Models

How to Scale Models

How to Layout models

How to Combine Models

How to Generate Supports

How to Export for Ember

Step 1: Windows

  1. Download Meshmixer for Ember for Windows (Which version of Windows do I have?)

Step 2: Mac

  1. Download Meshmixer for Ember for Mac

  3. Double click the meshmixer_installer_osx_2.7.203.pkg after downloading


    On OSX 10.9 you may get the message "can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." To avoid this,

    1. Navigate to the file in Finder
    2. Hold the “CTRL” button and click on the file
    3. Select “Open” from the menu
    4. At the prompt, confirm that you wish to open the file

  4. Follow the prompts to finish the installation

Step 3: Linux

Sorry, Meshmixer for Ember isn't currently supported on Linux.

But you can still use Ember with Linux. There are a number of free tools available that you can use to heal, orientate, layout and create supports for your 3D models.

Once you have the model ready to print you can use our online portal to send the data to the printer.