Introduction: Installing Board and Batten Wainscoting

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In this Instructable I'll show you how to install some board and batten wainscoting Hope you enjoy the project!

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Here are the tools and materials I used for this project. I've provided affiliate links for your convenience.

Tools Used


Step 2: Prep and Paint Walls

I started with this drab looking room..ugh.

First thing I needed to do was paint. I laid out a line for where the top rail would go at 36".

I painted the entire room above the line a nice blue green (Behr Clear Pond).

On the lower portion I painted it the same white I will be painting the trim pieces. In the corner I used green painters tape to get a clean line.

Step 3: Remove and Replace Base Boards

I removed all the old base boards and measured the room for the replacements.

I'm using 3/4" MDF for all the trim parts and cut the long rails out of a 4x8 sheet. The baseboards are 5-1/2" tall and all other trim is 3-1/2" except the cap rail.

I trimmed the baseboards and upper rail to size and mitered the baseboards as needed.

I dry fit and measured everything then went back to the shop.

Step 4: Prep the Trim for Install

Since the wall was 10' long I had to join a small piece of board to the long wall baseboard and rails.

I used pocket holes for the joinery, but these are still very frail so be careful.

To prep for paint I spackled the joints between the boards.

I also covered all the edges with spackle so the paint would lay on smooth and not soak into the fibrous edges.

I finished prepping by priming all the trim pieces.

Step 5: Install Baseboards and Top Rail

I installed the mitered baseboards around the room using 2" brad nails. I leveled the baseboards for a consistent flow around the walls.

I made another level line on the wall to reference the top rail. I nailed the top rail in using 2" brad nails as well.

Step 6: Cut and Install the Batten Boards and Cap Rail

I used a SketchUp Model to draw up a few options for how many battens we wanted and the proper spacing.

After settling on what we wanted I laid in my vertical battens (which I had cut long before priming) and marked them to the size needed and made the cuts back in the shop.

I installed the vertical battens with 2" brad nails after cutting to size.

The final trim piece was adding an 1-1/2" cap rail for a little details.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

I finished up by caulking all the seams and spackling the nail holes.

Once dry I put on two coats of white paint.

The finished room turned out amazing!

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You can also see a more detailed blog post with the SketchUp file at