Installing Interior Door - 3 Easy Steps




Introduction: Installing Interior Door - 3 Easy Steps

See how to install an interior door in just 3 easy steps. None of the hard work of shimming is required. Use the Quick Door Hanger bracket kit that is available at nearly all Home Depot locations in the interior door aisle. Roughly $4 per kit. Easiest and fastest interior door installs possible for beginners to pros. See more information at

Step 1: Purchase a Door to Fit the Rough Opening in the Wall.

The framed in rough opening for the door is always around 2" wider then the purchased door (not including the jamb around the door). This allows for adjustment when hanging the door to achieve plumb "level".

Step 2: Start by Drawing a Plumb/level Line on the Wall.

Measure 1/2" in from the rough opening on the hinge side of the door. Using a 6' or 4' level draw a level line down the drywall.

Step 3: Attach 6 Door Installation Brackets to the Outside of the Door Jamb.

Attach the Quick Door Hanger installation brackets. Place a bracket behind each of the three hinges. Attach the remaining three brackets on the the other side of the jamb. The first bracket 8" from the top, the next bracket just above the latch stop, and the final bracket 8" from the bottom of the door.

Step 4: Place the Door Into the Opening.

Using the plumb line on the wall, screw in the top bracket on the hinge side of the door. Then screw in the next 2 brackets using the same reference notch as the first bracket. After the 3 brackets are screwed into the wall using the same reference notch for each, the door is now level. Now check the reveal (gap between door and door jamb) when screwing in the final 3 brackets. Start at the top of the door and check the reveal when screwing in the top bracket. Check the reveal when screwing in the final 2 brackets.

Step 5: Install the Casing (trim) Around the Installed Door.

Finish the installation process by installing the door trim.
Note: the Trim will perfectly conceal the Door installation brackets.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I hope this Door Installation Instructions help!
    -Best of luck on all your future projects


    8 years ago

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks