Introduction: Installing a Diy Oil Air Separator!

Here is how I installed an oil air separator for my wife's Hyundai trajet.

This separator is needed due to the high concentration of oil mist in the blow by gases. This mist comes from the outlet of the pcv valve and goes into the intake manifold. Oil burnt in the combustion chambers is not a good thing for any engine.

Step 1:

When I installed the new pcv valve I put a silicone vacuum hose to pipe it to the intake manifold nipple.

Good thing I did this since the silicone hose got discolored from oil contamination. A fuel grade rubber hose became part of the solution.

Even the old pcv valve has lots of oil mist from it so thus engine has a problem for many years.

Step 2: The Diy Oil Air Separator.

I made this separator recently and I secured it into the engine bay using a hose clamp.

Step 3: Installing the Discharge Hose.

The fuel grade hose I installed from the pcv valve to the inlet of my diy separator.

Step 4: Installing the Suction Hose.

I used a clean piece of silicone vacuum hose to secure the clear suction line to the intake manifold.

Step 5: Completion!

I used plastic cable ties for hose management. I started the engine and it ran fine! No vacuum leaks. In time the separator will collect the condensed oil mist.

The oxygen sensor for this engine I will replace soon since the oil contamination would have coated it.

I hope this instructable has been helpful to other car enthusiasts!