Introduction: Installing a Remote Garage Door Yourself

First of all keep handy a drill, earmuffs, roller door pack , impact driver,measuring tape,safety beams and remote.

Now you can install a remote garage door opener easily in just few steps.

Courtesy of the DIY project : B&W Garage Doors Specialists

Step 1: Checking the Roller Door

Ensure checking the roller door before the remote roller door installation. Check if it is balanced well and is rolling freely. Lift and release the door while checking.

Step 2: Installation of the Stop Collar

The U-bolt holding the door shaft must be tightened. You need to install the stop collar on the opposite end to the motor.

Step 3: Weight Bar Installation

Install the weight bar at the bottom of the door in the centre. Mark the positions and drill two holes if your door doesn't have a handle. Fasten it with nuts, bolts and washers.

Step 4: Attach the Cord and Release Handle

Thread one end of the rope to the top of the red release handle and the other end through the manual release cable through a hole and then secure it with a knot and then pull the release cable to disengage the opener.

Step 5: Secure the Roller Door

Before installing the roller door make sure the roller door is secure for considering the safety and security. The screw must be tightened to the last part of the curtain where it meets the drum.

Step 6: Securing the Screws

Secure the screws into the drum wheel at the end of each roll through the door curtain. Then install the motor.

Step 7: Removing the Bracket

Install the motor opposite the stop collar. Place the opener in manual release mode and then tighten the U – bolt on the other side. Get help from your friend to remove the heavy roller door. Using a ladder for extra support remove the brackets from the wall.

Step 8: Install the Motor and Refit the Bracket

Install the motor by sliding the opener over the axle and then refit the bracket of the door to the wall and then clamp the opener to the axle. Then remove the supports and check the operation of the operation by rolling it manually.

Step 9: Program the Door Opener

Plug the opener into the power supply and make sure the LED lights come on.Read the manual carefully and program it accordingly.

Step 10: Check the Safety Reverse System

Place a block of wood or any object under the roller door to check if the safety reverse system is working. If the roller door touches the object and reverses automatically it confirms that it is working.

Step 11: Attach the Warning Labels

Attach the warning labels to the garage wall to ensure safety.