Introduction: Installing a Sliding Barn Door

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How to install a sliding barn door - with actual barn door hardware!

Step 1: Paint and Install the Box Rail to Wall

In order to save money, I purchased the zinc finish of this hardware:

Since I didn't love that zinc color, I spray painted them black. I didn't spray the part that rolls through the box rail because you can't see it and I didn't want it to stick.

I cut the track rail to fit the door. I cut it twice the width of the door, plus about an inch. I used a Sawsall to cut it.

To install the end cap, you just have to wedge it in the end
of the box rail. I protected it with a cloth and just hammered it in. The paint scratched off a little, but I just touched it up after it was installed.

In order for the door to sit far enough off the wall, I needed to add two 2x4's for the box rail to attach to. If I didn't do this, the door would have hit the door frame when it was sliding. I painted them the color of our walls so they will blend in.

Using a stud finder, drill in (2) 2x4's to each stud, making sure it's level as you go. Now you can install the box rail into the studs. I used 4 box rail attachments for 6 feet of rail.

Step 2: Install the Brackets to the Door

Measure how far in you want to attach the bracket and mark where to drill on the top of the door. Then attach the nuts and bolt to the hanger part. Hold it up to the door so you know how far to drill your hole. Since the hanger will sit flush against the door, there needs to be a hole for the bolt to sit in. Then, attach the roller to the bracket.

Now the hanger part fits flush against the top of the door since you drilled a hole for the bolt to slide in to.

Drill holes for the 3 bolts on the face of the door and tighten with a wrench on the back.

Step 3: Insert the Rollers Into the Track

Now you can slide the hanger in to the box rail. This door is HEAVY, so it took two of us to slide it in. Once it's in, install the second end cap. Now you're done!