Introduction: Installing a MicroSD Card in a Garmin Oregon 450

The Garmin Oregon series of handheld GPS units are very popular amongst Geocachers. Recently I was asked how to install a microSD card into one and also how to load GPX files and additional maps.

This short instructable will guide users through the process of installing a Micro SD card into a Garmin Oregon 450.

Future Instructables will build on this one, showing Geocachers how to install additional free maps and GPX files onto the Oregon via the installed Micro SD card.

Step 1: Where to Get a MicroSD Card

microSD cards are available from any place that carries digital cameras - Walmart, Best Buy, Future Shop, Target, The Source. At the time of this writing, an 8GB microSD card is enough and the cost is under $10.

Step 2: Getting Started

Lift the latch on the back of the Oregon and remove the Battery Cover and the Batteries.

Step 3: Open MicroSD Card Holder

Lift the metal cover by gently sliding the metal cover of the microSD cardholder towards the top of the GPS unit (The unit has the word "Open" and an arrow pointing in the correct direction), then flipping it upwards to expose the contacts.

Step 4: The MicroSD Card

The microSD card has a top side and a bottom side. Lets call the side with the shiny contacts the BOTTOM side. When the card is held top side up, note the right edge with the odd little shark fin shape to it. This is the registration key, and is meant to assure the card sits exactly in the right spot in the microSD cardholder. The microSD cardholder is designed to only work if the card is placed in the holder top side up, with the registration key to the right.

Step 5: Close MicroSD Cardholder

Flip the metal cover down and gently slide it towards the bottom of the GPS unit. The unit has the word "Lock" and an arrow in the correct direction.

Step 6: Reassemble

Replace the batteries and the back cover.

Step 7: Plug the GPS Into Your Computer

Gently open the waterproof rubber USB port cover. With the Garmin Oregon turned off, plug a USB cable into your computer and then into the USB port on the GPS. The Oregon will automatically start to power up in "Mass Storage" mode.

Step 8: Viewing the Contents of the MicroSD Card

Your microSD card will appear on your computer as an additional Drive. (Windows Photos shown - Please contact me if you are willing to donate similar photos for the McIntosh)

Create a "Garmin" folder on the microSD card.

Step 9: Complete!

Congratulations! You have installed a microSD card in your Garmin Oregon!

See future Instructables on how to load data on your Garmin Oregon microSD card.

Step 10: Bonus Step!

If you sometimes look on you windows computer after plugging the Garmin in and wonder which drive letter is the Garmin's microSD card, then create a text file at the same level as the Garmin folder called Autorun.txt. Open this file and copy and paste this into it:

action=Garmin microSD Card
label=Garmin microSD Card

Save the file and rename it to "autorun.inf". Next time you plug your Garmin into your computer, the microSD card should show up as "Garmin microSD Card"