Introduction: Installing a Reverse Camera and Monitor.

In an effort to enhance safety, I installed a reverse camera kit on a vehicle. This vehicle already Has the beep beep type reverse sensors but being able to see will also help.

Step 1: Cutting a Hole in the Bumper.

The kit came with a hole saw for the camera. Cutting the hole was extra easy.

Step 2: Installing the Camera.

I needed to partially remove the bumper since it has a foam absorber inside of it.

The camera leads have to go in the hole first then then camera is pushed in slightly. The final push in will be on testing to make Sure the orientation is right.

Step 3: Connect Power to the Camera and Monitor.

Power from the reverse light provides power to the camera. The video cable came bundled with an extra wire to power on the monitor.

The pic is on the passenger side pillar post where I made my connections.

Step 4: Routing the Video Cable to the Monitor.

I opted for routing the cable on the top for easier installation. I just pried the trims and fit the cable into the ceiling upholstery.

Step 5: Install the Monitor and Enjoy.

The monitor clamps onto the existing rear view mirror. I routed the cable for it inside the ceiling upholstery.

The entire system powered up fine and now reversing is a bit safer.