Introduction: Instant Bag From Hooded Sweater

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Instantly turn any hooded sweater or jacket into a makeshift bag to carry your stuff. no sewing or cutting needed!

Step 1: Select Your Sweater

it can be a pullover or zip up; pockets and drawstrings are nice but not necessary. The only thing it really needs is a hood. The sweater you use should fit you comfortably or be a little big, if it's too small you will have a hard time making it work.

Step 2: Put Your Stuff in It

Put your gear in the body of the jacket, mostly near the neck and shoulders but not in the hood or sleeves. Arrange it so that things nestle together for maximum usage of space and to prevent shifting while carrying. For best results don't fill it more than about 2/3 full- of course in an emergency do what you gotta do, but it works better when it's not stuffed to the brim.

Step 3: Fold It Up

once everything is in place you can put smaller things in the pockets if you have them for easier access. Fold the bottom of the sweater up to the neck and fold the hood over the rest of the sweater, making sure it is secured snugly in place and doesn't come unfolded when you pick it up(this is why it is best not to over fill it).

Step 4: Tie It Up and Go

If you have drawstrings you can cinch them up and tie them together across the nape of the neck of the sweater for a more secure setup, if not you can go right to tying the sleeves together to make the shoulder strap. It's going to be a snug fit but that helps it stay in place which is nice for crossing rugged terrain. If it really is just too tight then you may need a bigger sweater. Also, if you have drawstrings you can tie a water bottle or most anything else really that you may want/need to be readily available. now you are ready to go with all your stuff in tow!