Introduction: Instant Pot Chicken Stoup

This is a cross between soup and stew. I like to call it stoup.

If eaten with a fork, as you would stew, you would miss the beautiful broth. So use a spoon.

Step 1: Gather These Items for Phase One

1. A family size pack of chicken legs. When they go on sale as cheap as these were, I always buy a few and freeze them. Today we will work with them frozen.

2. An instant pot pressure cooker.

3. One cup of water.

4. Hot pepper powder.

5. Garlic powder.

6. Onion powder.

7. Montreal chicken spice.

That should do the trick nicely. You can add whatever you like, really.

Step 2: Prepare the Chicken

This is a frozen pack of chicken. Don't worry, that's why you need an instant pot.

Break the chicken in half. I had to run it under water for a bit to be able to accomplish the task.

Now season to taste and add to the instant pot along with the one cup of water.

When you close the lid make sure the pressure release valve is closed.

Now press manual then the up arrow until you get to 60 minutes.

That is a long time in a pressure cooker but this chicken is frozen solid.

It took 13 min to begin hissing, it sealed up in another 6 min, 2 minutes later it was up to pressure and counting down.

The hissing is when steam is exiting around the little steel button beside the pressure relief valve.

That button will dance around floating on the steam until it suddenly pops into place and the steam no longer escapes. This allows pressure to build up in the unit.

Step 3: Clean the Counter

I use Lysol wipes from Costco whenever I work with raw chicken.

Step 4: Phase 2 Requires Carrots and Potatoes

Peel and chop the carrots.

Remove the potatoes eyes and wash them, do not peel them yet.

Wash the potatoes, not the eyes, they go in the compost bin.

Set these aside for now.

Step 5: Its Time to Release the Pressure When the Instant Pot Begins Beeping.

Set up a trivet to protect the counter top and a baking tray to put the chicken on.

When the pot beeps press the off button.

Now carefully move the pressure release to the open setting. After you become comfortable with the cooker you may use your finger to do this. At first use a spoon so you don't steam your hand.

Once the pressure has dropped enough to allow you to open the lid, the little silver button will drop down into its hole.

Open slowly and tip the edge of the lid into the opening of the pot. Manipulate it so it drips the liquid it contains into the pot. If you don't do this your feet can get a nasty surprise.

Now lift out the pot and set it on the trivet.

Remove chicken to the baking tray.

Step 6: Now Comes the Dirty Job

Now pick the chicken apart.

Remove all skin, cartilage, bone, veins and fat.

Once done, cover and refrigerate the chicken.

Add all the discarded pieces back into the pot.

I go as far as to rinse the tray into the pot.

Now add water bringing the level up to 10 cups.

This goes back into the pressure cooker for another 60 minutes.

It will take about 20 minutes to hiss seal and pressurize.

We have some work to do while we wait.

Step 7: Now We Need Previously Made Frozen Stock.

Why you ask do we need more stock?

Because the stock we make today will go into the fridge so it's fat can be removed tomorrow.

Set the flame low so as not to scorch the broth.

No need to hurry we have a while before the instant pot will be beeping.

Step 8: Straining the Broth

For this you will need a slotted spoon a sieve and large bowl.

Once instant pot beeps, the pressure released and the lid safely removed, place inner pot back on the trivet.

Remove as much of the chicken bones and skin as possible.

Place the sieve into the bowl and set them in the sink.

The sieve will catch the rest of the bone bits and such.

Discard the messy bits and wash the pot and sieve.

Step 9: Lets Steam the Potatoes and Carrots

Steaming these will take 25 min to hiss, lock, pressurize and count down 15 minutes.

That said, next time I'll set 10 rather than 15 minutes on the clock.

These were a touch over done still usable though.

Step 10: Check Stock and Remove Veggies

Make sure the stock isn't bubbling.

Depressurize the instant pot as before and set veggies aside for now.

Wash the pot,lid and rubber seal.

You are now done with the Instant Pot for today.

Step 11: Phase 3

For this phase you will need

Frying pan

Grape seed oil

Head of garlic

Large cooking onion

Mixed frozen veggies

Frozen peas

Frozen corn


Napa cabbage heart

Step 12: Prep All These Items

Break apart garlic and trim the hard end.

Wrap and nuke for 20 seconds.

They will squeeze out easily.

Step 13: Smash and Chop

With the side of your knife press down each clove then chop roughly.

Chop onion and add it to the frying pan with 1 to 2 tbsp grape seed oil.

Simmer on low to sweat the onions.

Step 14: Nuke Some Veggies

I always have a bag of my own processed veggies on hand.

A cereal bowl full is lots, 1.5 minutes in the microwave does it.

Step 15: Steam the Cauliflower

Add half a cup of water to your bowl of chopped cauliflower and cover with a plate.

Microwave 4 minutes and check that they are cooked.

Give them another minute or two if needed.

Step 16: Rip It Up

OK rip up the cabbage into bite size pieces.

Step 17: Lets Build the Frying Pan Veggie Collection

Add the garlic and simmer for 1 minute.

Add the mixed veggies.

Add the cabbage, ladle in some of the veggie stock and cover for 2 minutes.

Add the cauliflower

Step 18: Phase 4 Now We Build the Stoup

Add a cup or so each of the frozen peas and corn to the stock.

Step 19: Keep Adding

Now the veggies go in.

Step 20: Don't Be a Chicken

Now chop and add the chicken.

Be sure and put some away for another day.

A sandwich bag of chicken in the fridge is always a welcome sight when playing in the kitchen.

Step 21: Don't Forget the Potatoes and Carrots

That was a lot of potatoes so just cut up three and cut all the carrots.

Into the pot they go.

Season to taste.

Just remember you can always add but you can never remove seasonings.

Step 22: Stash the Extra Potatoes

Add the extra potatoes to the extra potatoes container for another day.

Step 23: Phase 5 Day Two

I don't know if 5 phases is two many or not enough but I'm trying to give instructions and measurements as was suggested by Nancy JG

It appears that I tend to get going and leave the instructions out of my instructables.

You will need:

A small spatula

A few paper towels

Three used but cleaned large yogurt containers

A sharpie

Scrape off the fat from the broth. The broth has turned to jelly by now so it should be easy to get between it and the hard fat.

In my attempt to live a healthy lifestyle I discard the fat. Others may have use for it.

Now fill the containers leaving half an inch for expansion when frozen.

Label the lids including the date and freeze for another day.

My wife and I like to nuke a container on a cold windy winter day and just sip it from a mug.

It takes the edge off winter, living in a 160 year old house in Canada has its challenges.