Introduction: Instant Shoes

You're at the beach, getting sunburnt and dehydrated, when you decide to head up to the boardwalk for a visit to the icecream parlor. Unfortunately you're barefoot and they've posted the following sign:

"No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service."

Luckily, you have the one ingredient needed for this instructable.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
A dark marker or pen. Broad felt tips work best.

Step 2: Draw Your Straps

Start between your toes. Make a line from there around the the arch of your foot, about in the middle. Now make a second line about an inch away from from the first. Your shoes will look more realistic if the edges of these lines are sharp and clean.

Fill in the space between these lines. Do another set of lines on the other side of your foot. Make sure they disappear under the bottoms of your feet. Now do the same on the other foot. Try to make them match.

Step 3: Get Fancy (Optional)

If you've used a marker other than black, like I have, you can now add some shadows to give the illusion of depth. Just a thinish line on one side of your strap. Totally unnecessary, but it pleases the artist in me.

Step 4: Get Served

That's it! Walk in confidently, make your purchases, tip well and keep your feet under the table.

I'd love to get these tattooed on sometime, but I hear the feet can be a painful area for this.

This instructable is obviously part of the foot challenge. Please vote if you enjoyed it.

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