Introduction: Instructable Editor Cut and Paste Solutions

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I much prefer to prepare my Ibles in a word processor, Word 2003 in my case. For the Ibles themselves, it works OK because when the editor saves the job, it strips out hidden Word formatting.

People probably already know these and they may exist somewhere in Instructables but I did not specifically find them. If they do exist elsewhere, let me know and I will delete any duplication.

Comments don’t go through any intermediate steps and come out with wonkey formatting

Keywords were an “iffy” proposition.

So far we have:


MS Word 2003

MS Word 2000 9.0.2720

Open Office 4.1.1

LibreOffice Windows

Doesn't work

LibreOffice Version: Linux

Step 1: Comments Solution

Copy and paste as normal. Highlight everything you pasted. Hold down the Control key and press the C key to copy. Without doing anything else, hold down the Control key and press the V key to paste. This will strip out the hidden formatting. Post the comment.

Also, CTRL+X: Cut and CTRL+Z: Undo can be helpful in preparing the text.

Step 2: Keywords Solution

Paste as normal or hold down the Control key and press the V key to paste. Scroll to the first comma. Over type the comma and it will break out all of the keywords into the standard format. It is ready for Publishing.