Introduction: Instructable Robot Jewelry

 This is a guide to how you can make your own instructable robot jewelry with permanent markers, an oven and #6 recyclable material.

Step 1: Acquire the Robot Image

 Download a copy of the instructable robot.  It's okay if it's bigger or smaller than the one you use for your jewelry because you can resize it using a program like Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Photoshop.  
Note: I started with an image ~1.5x3 inches and ended up with a final piece ~0.75x1.25 inches.

Step 2: Trace the Robot on Plastic

 Use a black sharpie to trace your image onto a piece of #6 recyclable plastic.  I used the top from a salad container.
Note: I added a round loop to the top of my robot and made two, so I could make a pair of earrings.  

Step 3: Cut Out Your Robot

 When I did this - I colored the robot before cutting it out, but you end up smearing a lot of your ink. Therefore, I suggest cutting out your robot before coloring, so you have to do less repair work.  Also, I suggest using a hole punch to add a hole to your robot if you are going have them dangle and remember that even the hole will shrink.
Note: The actual robot has gray wheels and buttons, but I did not have a gray marker, therefore I substituted teal.

Step 4: Color Your Robot

 As mentioned in the previous step, I suggest that you cut  - then color because you will smear less ink.  I needed to re-color my robot several times because I kept rubbing off the marker while cutting it out.  
Note: I colored my robot on the opposite side of the plastic from the black outline.  

Step 5: Bake Your Robot in the Oven

Place robots on aluminum foil on a cookie sheet/tray and put in oven set to ~250F.  Remove robots from oven when they are no longer curled up and look significantly smaller than original size.  The actual baking time will vary.  Press down on your robot immediately upon removing from the oven if it's not completely flat.

Step 6: Post Baking Options

You may want to protect your robot paint with some sort of protective sealer.  I've tried clear nail polish and Krylon clear acrylic paint with some success.  You can now use your robot to make earrings, cufflinks, pendants, etc.  You can still add a hole to your robot if necessary by using a drill or dremel. Now go show off your robot jewelry!