Introduction: Make an Instructable Robot Costume

This will show my instructions on how I became an Instructable Robot for Halloween.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

I used about 1.5 yards of yellow and orange fabric to make the body.  I also used red, gray and black felt to make the details like the eyes and dots.  For the head I used a cardboard box, empty plastic fruit cups, wooden dowel and felt.  

Step 2: Making the Head

I think making the head is the best part.  I started with a cardboard box I found at work.  I wanted my head to be more like hat than a mask because I don't like having my face completely covered.  Therefore, I chose a box that fit on my head and didn't go past my eye level once I cut off the flaps.  Then I spray painted the box yellow.  Next, I added my fruit cups (painted red) and wooden dowels (painted black). Finally, I used a black permanent marker for the lines and cut out the eye shapes from a piece of red felt.

Step 3: Making the Body

This can probably be done with one piece of fabric depending on how you plan to add volume to your robot (see next step).  Since my yellow fabric was not initially wide enough, I added orange fabric side panels.  It can be done several ways, i.e.  sewing, pinning, glue, etc.  I chose to use hot melt glue because it was readily available.  I also used the hot melt glue to attach the big gray felt circles and the smaller black ones.  The lines were added with a black permanent marker.  Don't forget to cut an opening in the fabric for your head!

Step 4: Secret Ingredient

Since I didn't want my robot to be stiff and it needed some volume or depth, I used this skirt to as my "secret ingredient."  As you can see in the picture, it has enough stiffness to stand up my itself.  I put this under the body to give my costume depth without being visible.  

Step 5: Accessories

No costume is complete without all the other things you add to it from things you probably already own.  In this case that included my roller blades and the safety equipment that goes with them.  This was the best way I could think of approximating the wheels on the robot.

Step 6: Final Costume

Well there you have it!  I wore a long sleeved yellow shirt and tan pants under my costume plus added some of the padding for my roller blades for protection.  I wowed/frightened my coworkers with my roller blading prowess at work and managed to win "most creative" with my costume.  I hope you have fun with yours!

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