Introduction: Instructables Medal & Physical Certificate for ALL Contest Winners

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

here i show you how you could make your own physical certificate or your own instructables medal.

This is my suggestion on how it could look and its ment to be used by all contest winner on who want to.

Personaly for me winning an contest is awesome, i mean is an huge community with a lot of great and awesome contest and people who share their great talent and work....

Everyone who has already won a price nows how awesome it is beeing a contest winner, you recieve an awesome prize, an t-shirt, some badges, some stickers... but... their is something missing, something what you can frame and hang on your wall in your room or in your shed or workplace to show everyone what you have basicly a simple physical certificate something you remember and see everyday :)

and here is what i have made...

here are the links you need:

*medal stl model by user: michalhoudek

*online file converter:

*online free CAD-editor:

Step 1: Customize Your Certificate of Achievement to Your Rank and Contest

First you have to download the attached "---certificate+of+achievementfor+contest+winners+on+instructablescom---.docx"

Then you change the ranking on to your rank.

Visit the contestpage and download the contestlabel of your winning Entrie

and import it to your template.

Your ready to print.

P.S. I added those stickers to give it a more classy look

Step 2: Import an Stl File Into Tinkercad

So for this step you go to and search for medal...

i personaly chose this versionl by user: michalhoudek

its perfect and its dimension already fitted my needs, so why do you have to re-invent the wheel when you could use an existing ;)

Step 3: Convert .gif to Svg and Import to Tinkercad

you take the picture for the logo of your choice, in this case i took the instructables robot

so tinkercad can just import .svg files and the robotlogo is in.gif so we have to convert.

go to upload your .gif or jpeg or else and convert into the .svg file

this willt take only seconds then you can dowload your converted file.

now you can import your file into tinkercad and re-dimenion / scale it to your needs until your medal is ready to export into .stl and print on your 3d printer

Step 4: Coloring

if you have the colors in filament you need you could just print in the different colours of your choise, in this case i used some rest filament, after printing i sprayed to layers of primer an after primer was dryed i sprayed in the colours of my choise

I took Gold for 1st, silver for 2nd and copper for 3rd

add an medalband or an cord , put your printed certificate in to your frame ....and you are ready

If you want to download my finished intructables medal here is the link

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